Zero-Waste Eco-Straw
Zero-Waste Eco-Straw
Zero-Waste Eco-Straw
Zero-Waste Eco-Straw
Zero-Waste Eco-Straw
Zero-Waste Eco-Straw

Zero-Waste Eco-Straw

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Everywhere we look single-use plastics are being used, whether it's plastic straws, storing food, or even our garbage bins. In today's world, it seems like using these plastics is unavoidable. Fortunately, there are products out there that can majorly curb single-use plastics! 

Introducing The Reusable Eco-Straw

The Eco-straw is the plastic straw alternative, leaving zero environmental impact. They are made from natural silica sand which means they contain zero contaminants and toxins, Making them the safety straw not only for our bodies but for our earth. 

The eco-straw is reusable and dishwasher safe. Each eco-straw pod has a cleaning brush which makes washing a breeze. Simple run water through the straw, give a few good brushes and the straw is cleaned. The natural Silica is anti-bacterial so no harmful bacteria will be consumed. They can be placed in hot or cold drinks without any issue as well.

In designing the Eco-straw we wanted to have a high-quality, eco-friendly product but at an understandable price point. Many competitors straws are made from unnatural ingredients and cost 10X more than manufacturing costs. Our straws are affordable, natural and truly reusable.

The Eco-Straw has been designed to be able to fit most sized cups, mugs and water bottles. We truly wanted this to be a straw you can take anywhere. Its built with a loop that makes it easy to attach to backpacks, purses, keys and more.

Ditch The Single-Use Plastics With The Zero-Waste Eco-Straw

Product Information:

Natural Silica Sand - Silicone
BPA Free & Non-Toxic
200mm Length
11mm round
Steel Brush - 175mm

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