【Simple fitness】THE ULTRA PUSH (9-IN-1 SYSTEM)
【Simple fitness】THE ULTRA PUSH (9-IN-1 SYSTEM)

【Simple fitness】THE ULTRA PUSH (9-IN-1 SYSTEM)

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Train Your Entire Upper Body From Home With The Ultra Push (9-in-1 System)

When it comes to push ups, a simple change in hand placement 

provides you with a different target muscle and level of difficulty... 

Now you can exploit these techniques without even thinking about it! 

Just plug the handles to the desired position & get the arms, chest, 

back & shoulders you've always dreamed of

With The Ultra Push you'll hold perfect form, comfortably perform the

exercise & get mind-blowing, noticeable results!




Portable. Take it anywhere you go, workout when you please

Heavy Duty. Sturdy & durable board & handles

Premium Comfort Hand Grips

Perfect Form. Prevent harmful, bad form

Simple To Use. Straight forward instructions & exercises included!

...The best investment you can make is in YOURSELF









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